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Facebook Easter Egg!


1. Open facebook
2. Press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a,
3. Press enter
4. Scroll the page with your mouse
5. …

Got this neat little trick from a friend’s post at Facebook. Those of us of age (read: old) will probably recognize the keypresses as the Konami Code made famous by Contra from way back in the 16bit gaming era. Initially I thought it to be a prank, but curious, I followed the instructions and voila! It really does work!

Contra_flyerOh wow dont you wanna play Contra now?

How’s that for cool? Anyone else knows any hidden easter eggs hidden in popular websites that we visit?


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Package arrived

IMG00196My purchase from Play-asia.com has arrived. Cant wait to get back and pop my copy of Tomb Raider: Underworld and Eternal Sonata (which by the way, is still selling for cheap) into the PS3. 😀

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Sleeping Man

The folks at 2chan have done it again. This time, the challenge of turning a bizzare image of a man sleeping most acrobatically in a train ( O_o! ) into a work of photoshop art.


Show me the images!

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Do you fiber?

Michelle told me yesterday that the recommended intake for dietary fiber (or fibre, whichever makes you happy) for a normal adult is 25-30 grams per day. For those who don’t know, fiber is the stuff in foods which makes your trips to the toilet more, er…smooth.

Now, have you ever wondered how much 25-30 grams of fiber is? Well I did, so I looked up the fiber content of something I’m sure most of us eat – a medium sized apple.

And guess what, achieving the recommended intake for fiber would mean you’ll have to eat at least 6 apples each day.


No wonder most people spend long hours in the toilet. XD


In other news, I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine last Friday, and frankly I think it sucked. Cheesy special effects, incoherent jumping of locales without any explanation, Deadpool butchered! D:<



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PS3 game disc cracking

Some folks over at LYN’s Playstation subforum recently found that their much prized PS3 game discs were cracking at the center rim. And from the looks of it, it’s not an isolated case either, with at least 6 forumers confirming they have the problem. Some even posted pictures of their cracks, and it’s a ghastly sight indeed!


From first hand accounts, while initially harmless looking and tiny, the cracks would lengthen with repeated usage…with one forumer even going as far as saying the cracks on his disc lengthened by 5mm with each hour. And as soon as the cracks hit the data area of the disc, well…then you’d have a pretty shiny and scratch-proof (not to mention expensive!) water coaster.

Freaked out by this news, I checked my awesome collections of game discs back home, and found that my copy of Resident Evil 5…is also cracked! GAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


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Is this Cobra Commander?

Remember how when images of Megatron from the Transformers movie first surfaced, and diehard fans all over the world screamed bloody murder because movie Megatron looked NOTHING like G1 Megatron? Well, it took some getting used to, but after the movie came out people generally changed their perception and got used to the new look. I suppose the fact that the movie was awesome and made of WIN helped too.

megatron-2007movieMegatron’s overhaul gone wrong?

This summer, GI Joe will also be adapted to the big screen. Remember the hype when promotional pictures of Snake-Eyes was released, sending fans into a frenzy?

snakeeyesliveAwesome mask + Ninja katana = WIN

If you were a childhood fan like me, you’d probably echo my thoughts that the only thing you’d be interested in was a picture of Cobra Commander, ruthless leader of COBRA! Well, fret no more…the following image will shed some light!

Click on for Cobra Commander!

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Hot Toys Video Game Masterpiece #6 and #7

Fresh off Hot Toys’ Video Game Masterpiece series of 12″ figures comes two characters from the recent Capcom hit Resident Evil 5 – Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar! The figures look sweet, but swiping these two babies will set you back more than RM1000 (~USD280). Both figures come with an amazing bundle of weapons from the game, and they are set for a targeted July ’09 release.

More pictures and details!

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Kicking Oyaji

When the below image of FAIL showed up on 2chan, it’s legion of photoshoppers were tasked with the challenge of taking it and turning it into an image made of WIN. And when 2chan gets into the groove, you can always be assured of a good laugh.


Read on for epic WIN.

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Achievement unlocked!

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days. Been busy with obtaining my platinum trophy for Bioshock. It was easier than I thought it’d be…only hard part is the initial first few stages when your character was pretty weak. 🙂

That brings the total tally of trophy supported games I’ve finished to 3 – Dead Space, Resident Evil 5, and Bioshock.

img00192Platinum trophy unlocked!

Normally, I wouldn’t replay a game once I’ve finished it, but lately there havent been much good games for the PS3 to buy. So heck, why not just go ahead and unlock all trophies. I have Prince of Persia and Street Fighter IV next, but looking at the requirements for SFIV, I give up on obtaining platinum for that one! ;_;

Too bad for the other games I have without trophy support though. Would have absolutely loved for Valkyria Chronicles or Metal Gear Solid 4 to have trophies, but oh well.


Alicia: “What, no trophy patch?! D: “

Sigh, the lack of new quality games for the PS3 is most displeasing.

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An illustrated guide to the global credit crisis

Ever wonder what all the broo-haa-haa over the credit crisis is about? Well, have no fear…some dude by the name of Jonathan Jarvis has made a simple explanatory video which can be viewed here.

Now you too can be in the know!

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